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Make the first impression the best impression
to all potential buyers!

It is evident why our eyes are set at the top of our faces. They direct all our interests. They prepare our minds for all that is to come be it to our mouths, our hearts and even our bodies. It is for this specific reason that at Home Staging Miami, we work to ensure that we whet the buyer’s appetite the minute they walk into the front door.

Empty/ unoccupied houses are sometimes the hardest to sell. All a client sees when they walk in is marble, floors, roofs and walls. The house seems impersonal and does nothing for the buyer’s imagination. This is why our staging company exists.

We look at the potential that each home has and bring it out to the light. We transform empty walls into delicately painted walls that boast pieces of art that work to accentuate the room as well as the house at larger. We cover, etch or even elevate the floors with knick knacks that works to ensure that the floor designs and types are illuminated. The ceilings are not left behind. Be it chandeliers, bulb covers or even painting the ceiling, we spare no idea to ensure that the best of the ceiling shows. We then choose pieces of furniture that fits and blends into the entire design to bring the house to full life.

This process not only works to bring life into the home but also enables the potential buyer to view themselves in it. We use neutral shades and designs to ensure that each buyer, no matter their taste, is able to buy into the design and even adjust it in their minds well enough into their taste.