Re-Design Staging Consultation

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Makeover Home Staging

It is one thing to bring in all new items to stage a home, another to use bits and parts of what the owner already has and yet another to fully use all that they own.

The makeover home staging option involves coming into the home on sale and evaluating how best to re-design it to appeal to the market. This drastically cuts down the home staging Miami cost.

How Home Staging Miami gets it done

We send in our professional staging crew into the house, armed with cameras, a technical and handy crew as well our interior decorators. With all hands on deck, the team goes through every inch of the home taking into account everything that is useful to the home staging concept. This means looking into faults, damages and strengths in the house.

The team then sits down and making use of the technical crew and the photos taken by the photography team, we come up with different  designs that could make full use of everything already in the house. For the most part, we have to add a few things to complete the designs, but this does not affect the general budget too much.

When the final design is agreed upon, the team then implements it and puts it into play. The final result is centered upon depersonalizing the home yet adding a general appeal that is meant to draw in what most clients are currently looking for in the local real estate market.