Occupied Home Staging

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Still living in your house while going through the selling process? Are you receiving NO offers? ​Try our occupied staging services.

The one thing that makes homeowners avoid the idea of employing the services of a home staging company is the cost. The general assumption is that every home staging process requires a enormous amounts of money. This could not be further from the truth. At Home Staging Miami, we understand that a homeowner wants to sell their home and make money, not lose it while trying to sell it. This is why we offer to do occupied home staging.

Our Occupied Home Staging

In essence, occupied home staging defines a home staging process that involves making use of what the homeowner owns, and only staging parts of the home. This option is therefore befitting for those who want to sell their homes while they are still living in it. We choose some of the homeowner’s furniture, pieces of art, rags and other artefacts to make the chosen rooms look appealing to the general eye.

This then means that the homeowner will not have to incur the cost of anything else as we will not need to hire or use anything in our storage. We, however, avoid anything that is too personal like family photos and portraits, family heirlooms and so on. The idea is to enable the buyer to feel like they would want to live in the home, not feel as if they are invading someone else’s home.

Seeing as how we only use the homeowner’s things, we ensure that we take them through the thought process of the Miami home staging concepts so they know what to expect at the end of the process. Alternatively, you can also hire us to do re-design consultation for luxury staging or for a better quality of life as well.