Home Staging in Fort lauderdale

We have proved that home staging   is the best way to sell your home. Studies show that staged homes sell 83% faster and for up to 20% higher price than those that are not staged. We are experts in staging occupied as well as vacant homes. For your information, when you list your vacant home on the market, it may take 2 to 3 times longer to get a buyer than when you stage it. The way we stage homes, allows buyers to have an emotional connection and as a result, they will make their decision to buy, without hesitation.

Are considering to list your home on a property market, we highly recommend that you use professional seller styling services. When you hire us to stage your home, we will highlight all the positive and unique aspects of your home so that you can get highest offers. If you want to sell your home fast, the best way is to have it staged and it will sell in less than 30 days. This is our specialty and we will not disappoint you in this case.

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How We Stage Homes

In the past, realtors and homeowners would just invite prospects for an open house. However, that is a strategy that no longer works and this is why you need  property styling  as part of the open house. What we do, when staging your home is to showcase the unique attributes of your home. When our professional stagers place furniture, it appears to be in the right place and the home appears to be spacious and ideal for anyone to live in it.

When you are preparing your home for an open house, you should consider house staging, so as to have the house sold fast. Every time we have to stage a home, we are thrilled and excited, as this is our passion and we love every aspect of it.

Professional Home Styling Company in Fort Lauderdale

There are quite a number of property styling companies in Fort Lauderdale, but the reason why we stand out is due to our professionalism. We have become the best rated company and our services are unmatched. Whether you are a homeowner or a realtor, who wishes to sell your home, you should think of us as your partners. We will be able to prepare and dress your home in a presentable manner that will ensure that your home sells quickly and for a great price. We have a firm belief that our customers need the best service and this is why we are committed to giving you the best service, with a personal touch.

It is no surprise that most of the clients we deal with are referrals from previous clients, who are happy with our services. We have a large inventory that has wall art, furniture, furnishings and other accessories. As such, when you need to stage a vacant home, you do not have to buy anything, as we can use what we have. We will create a look for your home that is appealing and will entice all the potential buyers.

Inviting House Staging

You will not sell your home if you assume that people are just interested in the structure only. You need to provoke the imagination of your prospects and aid their decision making. This is why our Fort Lauderdale design team will create a space that is appealing and is warm. We will do this by rearranging your home and taking away the personal items so as to de-clutter the house.

​Our mission is quite clear; we intend to have everyone who comes to your open house to imagine living there. We have a full inventory and we will not need to outsource anything.

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Interior Design Services

One of the most essential parts of home staging Broward County is the decorating and interior works. We will work with you so as to understand what you wish to achieve. Our professional interior designers are skilled and have so many concepts that they can work with. Whichever style that you are looking for, you will be in safe hands as we are able to bring out your vision in the right way. Our qualified and experienced staff will help you to paint a clear picture of the home that you want to showcase.

We can stage your occupied home, by moving around a few items and placing your furniture in the right place. These efforts combined with our re-designing services will leave you with a great presentation for your home. The essence of staging your home is to highlight the best parts of the home. We will help you with the necessary upgrades and updates on your home and also pick the colors and items that will work to your advantage.

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Staging to Sell Benefits

​Having staged quite a number of homes in Fort Lauderdale, we can confidently tell you that this is a great way to go. We understand what buyers look for when they want to buy homes and this is what informs our decisions and strategies. There are some key rooms that we will target in vacant house staging, like the living room, master bedroom and the kitchen. We promise to make your entire home warm and appealing. Each home is unique and we will provide you with the right staging to make your home sell faster.

Get The Maximum Price For Your Home

There are no two ways about this, we are here to make you sell your home for the maximum price and at the highest price. You can confidently have an open house when we stage your home because you are sure that the efforts will pay off. Staging your home gives you a higher chance to sell it. We have great success in our experience and some homes sell in a few hours from the time of staging.

Talk to us today and we want to make great impressions of your home. Our staging services are the best and at a reasonable price.

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