facebook default cover photo

There are several ways to add a profile picture.

Without a strong focal point, the center was grabbed, which simply makes no sense at all. Click Choose from Photos to select a cover photo from photos you’ve already added to Facebook. Finally—and this is the big one—it features their branded hashtag. The Facebook cover photo size has changed. Are you sure this is for a Facebook Group Cover photo? Click the album you want to change the privacy settings for.

Some great ideas for use cases of cover photos include: While you can choose any number of images for your Page’s cover photo, there are a few practices you should stay away from.

This has not changed since November 2017. What do you think?

Also, the width is what Facebook themselves say. I believe they also use some type of visual recognition to determine what’s the best part to feature. But you should be able to learn an awful lot about Facebook groups from their cover images.

Things are kind of a mess right now with FB transitioning people to “New FB.” And I don’t have it yet! Another example cover photo we’re going to look at is from Sizzors Hair Salon, and it’s effective for a number of reasons. It’s dynamic, engaging, and feels alive.

So I am not sure how it could almost double and still be able to fit in the cover photo. Even better? These dimensions have been verified to work as of January 22, 2020. A lot of small businesses have a very distinctive voice and have a specific way they want to present themselves. Please!! all I want is for the cover photo to show correct again with all photos and the complete text … isn’t there maybe an app or online program that that make this work 1:1 for me!? What’s more, once your design is complete, you can transform your new Group Cover Photo into any other image type. Nothing from Facebook. 1500 x 783 … 80 pixels letterbox, with 688 pixels in height, so basically showing a letterbox with a slightly deeper band at the bottom. If your preferred design tool doesn’t allow you to set pixel size, look for a “Facebook Link Preview” size, or a 1.91:1 shape.

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This helps friends identify your posts and comments on Facebook. Sorry, 1640 x 856. If you’re ready to create a Facebook cover photo, our powerful and easy-to-use graphics builder has made this process incredibly simple. facebook.com/groups/VancouverHotRods, No matter what size I make the photo…it turns out like this…I’ve tried so many including yours with no luck. I added instructions to the post. Thank you for your time in trying to help all of us.

Not sure why they state 856, which isn’t exactly 1.91:1, nor what displays.

No go? These didnt work for my group image – these were are still to large.

Its still working on february 2019? Thanks for the effort you made to address this issue but if the people who created it can’t be bothered then what hope is there.:). And the face in the sample was not centered. It still works for me but I’d love to know where the problem is.

Louise, I can’t tell you how much time and frustration you saved me. I have no other explanation for why some people say my template is perfect, and others say it doesn’t work! Thank you so much! You really save the day…. Kindest regards and have a nice weeend, Henrik. That depends entirely on you, your business, and what you believe your target audience will be most receptive to. I found this in a google search trying to find the correct dimensions of a FB cover since even when I use the correct dimensions, it is ALWAYS off.

Any new info that can help me set the size right for the full image to display on a fb group cover?

I completely agree!

Just leave that 100 pixel margin at the top if you are adding text. I don’t know if FB has changed it again or what. This brings you back to your Timeline, where you should see the new cover photo in place with the overlaid message, Drag to Reposition Cover. Your image look good when displayed on both mobile and desktop, without bizarre cropping or the image showing up off-center.

Merci beaucoup.

Next, choose a premade Facebook Group Cover template – it’s fully customizable.

A portion of the top and bottom will be cropped. Just click Okay to remove it. You can toss together eye-catching Facebook Group banners in seconds!

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