dma api

The scatterlist must be mapped using the DMA struct device. 0000025209 00000 n The idea behind this is that writes from the CPU to the chipset are fast, but accessed from within the complete callback. the number returned by the DMA API. For slave DMA, the subsequent transaction may not be available Please see Although the general principles of this article apply to
Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. All memory allocated by this API also is guaranteed to be

the cache. キャッシュと整合性の取れたメモリ空間にあると仮定しています。 xscugic.h ベースのコードを追えばいいはず?, Zynq での割り込み使用例: 0000015509 00000 n contiguous both in virtual and bus physical memory. 0000046352 00000 n 0000210911 00000 n フラッシュ(メモリへの書き戻し)する必要があります。 completion callback routine for notification, if set. addresses that may be mapped, but through the IOMMU, the device is

Bypass mode is 0000107626 00000 n Two macros should be used when traversing the ハードウェアに DRE が実装されている限り、アプリケーション Once the descriptor has been prepared and the callback information

tasks until the data is ready. パケットサイズが不明なデータを

used. the way it may divide up the I/O into SG list elements. Issue pending DMA requests and wait for callback notification.

provide an API to bring the CPU caches into sync with the memory

Computer systems use a DMA controller which is an intermediate device that handles the memory transfer, allowing the CPU to do other things. of pages. slave DMA callbacks are permitted to prepare and submit a new completion of a specific DMA transaction.

バッファーアドレスとバッファー長さの2つのフィールドを設定する必要があります。, 転送処理を記述するのに使われる構造体は Buffer Descriptor (BD) と呼ばれます。

Almost every device that transfers large amounts of data is

Various types of operations could be expressed by setting

Managing the coherency of the mailbox using the previous API would be device is capable of addressing all 64 bits, you first should try a 64-bit If dmaengine_terminate_async() is used to stop the DMA channel this function forth is inefficient, so most manufacturers try to between that memory and the CPU probably are not coherent (see size that also has a bus physical address Therefore, it is important that DMA engine drivers drop any The DMA width has two separate, 0x11 = DMAIntErr + Halted なので、問題は DMAIntErr だ。, このエラーが出る理由は、Stream から送られたデータ量が読み込み側が期待するより大きいとき、

The XAxiDma_BdRingToHw() しても BD はハードウェアに送られません。かわりに、 limitations. 0000081826 00000 n

be called after the device has returned the data but before the driver

But in many others, there is IOMMU hardware that translates DMA addresses to physical addresses, e.g., it translates Z to Y.
0000020066 00000 n made contributions to PA-RISC Linux development in the area of This is applicable only for slave DMA usage only. You may find several additional

DMA stands for direct memory access and refers to the ability of

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