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There is something about letting go of your home that makes it so hard. It could be the memories invested in it, the amount of work you’ve already put into making it a home, the memory of the excitement you had when you first got it. Whatever it is, selling your home is hard. And it is made even harder when you discover the amount of effort you need to put in to actually get it to sell. This is where Home Staging Miami comes to the rescue.

We understand the frustration you feel when trying to sell your beloved home, especially when you know how much you value it. As such, we come in to help you make the best out of the sale that you can.

Generally, when buying a home, the buyer has an idea in their minds about what they would want. When they now come to site, it is important that you try and make this vision become so clear that they will feel uneasy to walk away. This is why we work to stage your home.

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What’s the fuss about property styling in Miami?

Well, let us break it down for you. Home styling plays a vital role in the sale of your property in these ways:

Creates a tangible reality to the buyer

The same way that when you go shopping for clothes you want to try them on first before making the purchase, is the same way that home buyers want to get a feel of them in the home before buying. As one of the best staging companies in Miami, we try to bring out the best imagination of a cozy home to reality.


The essence of staging to sell is to take out anything that feels too personal in the home, and replace it with things that have a neutral feel. This then enables any buyer to find it easy to picture things they love, colors they love and even furniture in the home. It takes out the feel of a previously owned home and allows them the illusion of being a first owner.

Enables the let-go

Property styling does not just help the buyer, but also enables the homeowner to ease into letting go of the home. So when we swoop in to stage the home, we have this in mind and thus we do our best to ensure that we leave as little evidence of the home owner as possible. The less they see themselves in the home, the easier it is for them to let go.

Staging Your Home To Sell

​Many ask if Miami home styling specialists help to add the value of the home or even shorten the time in which the home is bought. Well, yes to both. We have vast experience in working with all types of homes; Victorian, mansions, villas, even ranch homes. As such, we know exactly what to do with each home to not only help sell it fast, but also enable it to fetch a better, higher price in the market. More so, we specialize in local real estate and therefore, we know what the local real estate market feels like and wants. We work to ensure that at the end of the day, you are not only satisfied with the sale, but are also happy with the profits made. We also offer home staging services at Home staging Fort Lauderdale, FL ang home staging West Palm Beach, FL.

House Staging Miami Cost

​This is the one fear that makes so many walk away from employing the help of home stagers. Well, since our goal is to make the sale easier for the homeowner, we do our best to save them as much money as possible. Generally, when styling a property, we come in with everything needed: furniture, rags, paint even tools to repair whatever may be needed. However, in some cases, very little of what we have is needed. We first of all try to make use of what the homeowner already has before making them incur the cost of adding anything else to the mix.

​So how much does staging and furniture rental cost? It only costs as little as needed. This is determined by the three categories of services that we offer:

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Vacant Home Staging

As the name suggests, vacant property staging defines staging a home that is completely vacant home. Empty rooms, unpainted walls, open floors have a very cold feel to them. They make a house feel like an abandoned shelter as opposed to feeling like a home. We therefore come with a professionally trained team, which takes every measure to present the house at its best.

​They take into account such factors as lighting, size of the rooms, height of the ceilings, the type of floors the house has and so on. The photographers take as many photos as possible to help with the virtual staging. This then guides the actual staging process. However, we always ensure that we run all our ideas through the homeowner for approval of cost and taste.

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Occupied Home Staging

Occupied staging is very similar to re-design - the only difference is we try and keep with the original theme. This is best when the homeowner is working with a low budget and still wants the home styled by a professional staging companies in Miami while still living in the property. Our team therefore works to make the designs work perfectly with what they have, applying skills and experience earned through years of working in the industry.

All in all, we have something for everyone; no matter the budget you’ve set apart for the cost. So contact us today and experience the difference!

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Redesign Service

This defines a situation where the owner’s possessions can be used to stage the home. What we do in such a case is take out whatever seems too personal and only use what is neutral. We may add a few things here and there to make it even more impersonal. We then re-do the entire design of the house to suit the design chosen. This gives the home a brand new edge!

"The 1st inspiration of any space starts at the front door" - Robin Sturm (Designer) 

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